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Ski for Relief-Anchorage: 2018

We have the choice to ski, or not. In some hot regions of the world: Burma and Iraq, despite some political progress, many ethnic people have no choice but to run from their oppressors. On February 3, 2018 at noon on the Hillside trails,skiers have the choice of techniques- skate or classic- to ski for oppressed people in Sudan, Kurdistan Iraq and Burma. Besh Cup #5 rescheduled from Fairbanks to Anchorage will not conflict with the Ski for Relief. Be encouraged by athlete-skier-pastor Mike Merriner at lunch. Choose to Ski!

Details: Results | Video | Images

Ski for Relief 2017 POSTER (pdf) | Course Map (pdf)

Municipal permit #21292 (1/2018- $550) (Grooming $650) (Pots $190)

Course Map | Saturday 2/3/2018 Wave started 12:00pm

Divisions by Waves: Male and female, Choose classic or skate

Little kids ski separate 1K mini race skate or classic.

VICTORS by Division: (results)

Youth: Ashley Sandstrom

Jr Hi: Edward Gregorin and Elise Metzger

High School: Aiden Gannon (18:32) and Anna McLaughlin-skate

Cameron Sheldon and Sophia Cvancara- classic

Senior (19-39) Sarah Friestone

Masters (40 and older): Shawn Gannon and Sabrina Merriner

Entry: FREE

Funds raised: $6440.

--> Optional donation to FREE the OPPRESSED - Burma Vision - Third-world Relief in Burma Kurdistan Iraq Sudan (over $10,000 since inception)

Awards lunch with soup at Grace Christian School following race. Message by Pastor Mike Merriner (1 Tim 4:7-8.) Not Alone video. n.

Thanks to NSAA, groomers, AMH (Paul Denkwalter), Clear Water


Awards after with Soup 1:30pm: Grace Christian School 12407 Pintail

Trophies place 1-3 each division


Donation: Supports BurmaVision, Free Burma Rangers Sudan and Iraq

Sponsors:Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking, Alaska Children's EYE & Strabismus

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(2014) Results | Video | (2015) | (2016) | (2017) |


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